Things to Add to Slime to Make It Even More Fun!

Making and playing with slime is cool and fun! It is a relaxing activity that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Apart from being a way to keep children engaged, it also has a positive impact on their cognitive and mental creativity. So, ignore the messy part and encourage your kids to play with slime.

Ever since the slime craze became a raving madness, ways to improve slime recipes have been the big question. And since custom slime making is practical, you get to try out different steps from mixing various ingredients until you find what works for you. The entire process can keep you engrossed for hours! So to help you get something satisfying, we have outlined a list of add-in ingredients you didnt know would help you get the best combination you could imagine. Take a look!

8 Slime Add-ins You Could Get to Make Your Slime Cooler

Here are some slime add-in ingredients to add to your cart when buying slime for your preferred slime company;

1.    Glitters

Glitters definitely make everything better! Who doesn’t think glitters are fantastic? If you want your custom slime to be bright and shiny, look no further than glitters. You could get glitter glue or dry glitters. Preferably, go for dry glitters because it provides better room to express creativity. Glitter comes in many colors and shapes, and you can easily incorporate it into your custom slime. You can also work with other add-ins while using glitter.

2.    Colored Pigments

Color pigments are undoubtedly the most common add-ins for slime. You’ll probably get white or clear slime when you’ve mixed all ingredients. Adding colored pigments is the easiest way to achieve those beautifully looking slimes you see on sales in online slime companies. There are glow-in-the-dark pigments which you’ll find really cool. However, most pigments available are thermochromic -which means they change color upon alternate heating. So after mixing it into your slime, watch the heat to get the color you want. This indeed adds fun to slime time!

3.    Beads

To get the unique Crunchy Slime, colored beads are an essential ingredient. They add texture to the slime and improve the visuals. It’s a whole different recipe that you’ll surely love. Depending on your preference, you can find colored beads in different shapes and colors. Adding beads guarantees an exciting texture and that cracking sound you need in your combination!

4.    Food Coloring

You know what food coloring does, so you should figure out its effect on slime. Just a few drops of food color to slime can create a very different look from your usual slime. You can quickly get food color in the supermart or from a slime company. They could also work with other add-ins in the slime mixture.

5.    Poof balls

For highly textured slime, poof balls are an excellent addition. They are pretty lightweight and very appealing to the eyes. They’ll stick really well to the slime mixture, so you shouldn’t worry about it dropping off. They also come in different colors that could brighten up your mixture.

What do you think?

Would you try any of these out? It doesn’t matter the ingredient or recipe; all that matters is that you have the most fun and relaxing time when creating and playing with slime. Add as many as you wish; it doesn’t have to be perfect!

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