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Advertising Techniques – That Your Moma Never Revealed

Okay, a couple of things need to be said before I get down to business. First, it is important to me that I try to practice what I preach as much as possible. This is not always the case and for that I am at times unhappy with myself. With...


Part 2 The Negotiation.

Dependant on how this part of the process is approached it can be a stress free or stressfull experience. All Media I've read on the subject recomend an adversarial role between you the customer and them the sales proffessional. The objective of course is to have a fair and equitable...


Inexpensive Ways to Back Up Valuable Data For Small Businesses

I can't imagine a single large organization today without a data backup strategy. A data backup strategy normally includes numerous copies of the same data stored in diverse physical sites. And with the large volumes of traffic today, the sheer quantity of data that is backed up comes at great...