Mistakes You Make as a Summer Party Guest

Summer festivities are in full swing as the summer approaches. But do you genuinely believe you have impeccable manners? We asked experienced party planners about the most typical blunders summer guests make. Continue reading to learn more about seven crucial no-nos to avoid as a tourist in order to continue receiving invitations throughout the season.

Not Thinking to Lend a Hand

Unlike taking a swipe at www.casinoadvice.io, hosting an event, especially one as simple as an outdoor party, may be stressful. Morgan recommends that you assist your buddy in getting dressed as soon as you arrive. “Just before serving, helping to toss a salad, bring dishes to the table, or open a bottle of wine can be a welcome assistance and will be appreciated by those throwing the party.”

Not Thanking Your Host

Even while a modest act of gratitude can go a long way, it never hurts to go above and above if you have the means or the foresight. “Bring a hostess gift for extra points,” Morgan suggests. As a sign of thanks to the host, a scented candle or some flowers from your garden go a long way.


Not Dressing the Part

Dress appropriately for the occasion, advises Courtney Ward, owner and chief event planner at Mainely Modern in South Portland, Maine. She suggests reading the invitation carefully for the suggested wardrobe and dressing appropriately. If everyone else is dressed casually for a cocktail party, you should not wear pants or shorts. So, as Fier recommends, watch what you put on your feet and maybe skip heels this season. Nothing is worse than spending a summer party night squished into the sand or grass.

Arriving Too Early

Being a morning person is not ideal for social occasions. If the invitation does not specify a time to arrive, Ward recommends arriving no later than 15 minutes after the specified time. “You never want to be that one guest who arrives way too early and causes stress because the gathering isn’t ready yet,” the host added, paraphrasing.

Scrolling Through Your Phone

Put down the phone and concentrate on having fun with your pals unlike you are making money on https://www.kiwicasinos.io/casino-games/. “Just being present and in the moment is ideal,” Ward recommends. “Your host has gone above and beyond to put on a lovely event for you to attend.” Put your phone away and spend some time enjoying the company of others.

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