How to throw a party to be remembered

You can throw a successful party without putting too much pressure on yourself. The event doesn’t have to be frenetic because as guests leave, they remember three things: what they saw, what they heard, and what they felt. This means you should be more concerned about the first and last impression, the highs and lows. In a nutshell, here is what you need to make it an unforgettable party.

Get your stage right

Everyone looks fabulous with good lighting. Forget overhead lamps; consider votive light since you can set up plenty of them without creating a fussy ambiance. Flowers are not necessary on the tables. Instead, let sumptuous bowls of grapes, citrus fruits, and other treats be the centerpieces. That way, the attendees won’t be distracted by scents while eating.

Add a live band to the mix

A live band can put your special occasion on a new whole level. Most bands are flexible, so you don’t need one solely for the ceremony and they can accompany you to the reception and even after the party. For a bigger party like a wedding ceremony or anniversary, couples who hire wedding bands throw parties that stick to memories forever.

A lack of music can turn an event into a boring meeting, so consider setting the mood with a band that resonates with the day’s theme. An organized band entertains people with different music genres during the day and afterward.

Add an element of competition

Everyone feels more relaxed and friendly when they participate in group bonding activities, no need for cheesy games, though. All-time favorites and classic games will do. If you provide something modern, make sure it will have people interact in a fun way. Hot topics can also bring a similar experience to a low-key night party.

Serve great food and drinks

The presence of food and a drink puts people at ease. Make sure there’s something on the table ready for grabbing. It is a good idea to give people some appetisers or goodies to start with as they enter the venue.

Tips for serving drinks

  • It would be great if you could mix a cocktail in bulk before the party
  • Blended cocktails can get people excited before they take their seats
  • Set a bar and have everybody pick their own drinks
  • Offer wine and beer

Guests always look forward to mind-blowing food when attending parties, so hire an excellent catering service. This doesn’t mean you spend a fortune on food. A good cook can do the trick with the right menu.

Wrap up

As you plan for a live band and delicious food, don’t forget to mix the guest list with different age groups, personalities, and backgrounds. Only invite kids to events suitable for them. This should make the day or evening more enjoyable as everyone will be on their toes.

Also, consider bringing something new to the party, be it an exotic menu, rustic setup, or peculiar games. Let creativity be your limit.

Scott Pace
the authorScott Pace