5 Interesting Facts About Rainbow and Jelly Slime

Introducing your kids to various colors in a fun way is the best way to sharpen their sensory skills. Is it not even better when it’s something they can touch and feel for themselves? We are sure you agree with us. This is where rainbow slime comes in. It’s even better when it’s jelly slime; it’s just so fun to play with. Here are five interesting facts about both rainbow and jelly slime:

●     Rev Those Motor Skills

Jelly slime can be fantastic to touch, especially for kids. Once the amazement wears out, the fun still stays. Molding slime to make any object of your choice helps to improve motor skills and enhance finger strength. The fine skills that are necessary to make some complicated shapes should not be overlooked just because it’s slime. You are doing so well either way.

●     It’s Not Just For Kids!

Did you know that adults can use jelly slime too? Slime has been proven to help with anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and many more illnesses. But that’s not all. As an adult, you can have premium fun with slime too. You can use it in your free time to make the fanciest objects or just test your creativity. You know what? It doesn’t even have to be fancy; you just have to enjoy it.

●     Make Jelly Slime at Home, but Make It Rainbow!

Of course, you can buy readymade slime, but you can have even more fun when you make it at home. To make jelly slime, you need some glue, warm water, food coloring, and baking soda. For rainbow slime, you will need all six hues of food coloring. Mix small portions of the glue, warm water, and baking soda in different bowls, one for each color. Stir it until it’s smooth, and add all your food coloring. When it is sticky enough, join the colors together and watch your rainbow slime come alive.

●     You Can Teach With Slime

Yes, your kids can learn a lot with and from jelly slime. There are many fun and educational games kids can play with slime. The alphabet game, for instance. It is just so much better to learn the letters of the alphabet hands-on. They can also make different shapes with jelly slime. Rainbow slime is always perfect for creating characters and learning colors. Do you see? The list is simply endless!

●     It All Began in 1976

While natural slime has been around for a long time, toy slime was only just invented in 1976. It was introduced by the Mattel Toy company and has since evolved and gained more popularity.

To conclude, you can do an indefinite number of things with jelly slime. You can make it even better by using rainbow slime. So, why not get to it?!

Scott Pace
the authorScott Pace